Monday, 23 May 2011

we need to love and to be loved.

salam n good afternoon to all...this i s the first time i try to be a good writer in my own blog,created by one of my collegues.Mr. Sharih.perhaps one day i can contribute some good ideas and everything that i want to share about my life...actually i am not good in English but i believe on myself as some people said:underdog makes good..nowadays life is so hard with the live costing (very expensive) for us,and therefore many people are facing of some financial problems including me...sometimes i feel depressed on how to earn money,i have to decide what is the important thing to buy,and what is not.owh My God,when i went to egypt to further my study,first Question that i bear in my mind is:what is the tastiest food in one of the Arabic countries in the that could bring me like a sit inside the dining hall with the candle light!i was so surprised when i tasted the "Shawarma",i can't believe it is only at L.E 5.50...comparing with our burgers that may look expensive around it,but not approriate with the price..mhh..i am not talking about this today,but just as a simple thing that we have to concern about it...the topic for today is...we need to love and to be loved...yes..Love is not easy as William shakespeare said:love looks not with the eyes,but with the mind.and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.

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