Tuesday, 24 May 2011

divorce...is it a scenario???

salam w.b.t...meet again in my new blog...this afternoon i want to share what divorce means...and is is the scenario happens nowadays...it might look very simple,but believe me..it is too hard for a couple of husband and wife to end a marriage...when i was a teenager,i just look around me what a parent does to mantain it's stability,and how a pity child couldn't understand and over a limitation of their mind forsure they dont understand what divorce means actually.and definitely,it takes hurt's feeling to kids when a parent wants to leave the house.We could say that a parent who leaves the house will not let their responsibility,but how far they can understand of kid's feeling?Almost of the kids can feel the hurt and they fell the mixed feelings inside their heart...for example:where is my mother?where is my mother?why they are being saparated now?why they don't live wtih me?so pity to hear all the questions...from the kids...yups...some people said:people will change becuse of several terms...environment,loyalty,financial,etc..but before they have a marriage they sholud aware and alert about the important of feeling especially kids...what about if it is happen to our relatives,cousin,or maybe to our parent?it is a hard to deal with..because feeling is so different from anything that you can take and throw...it is totally different from a parent who passed away,than a parent who lives but saparated...sometimes a a parent decides to divorce after there is no more solutions to it..but are they really think about the kids?if they dare to take a step to get marriage,then they dare to take a risk.they have to find the best solution,or the best way to prevent the triggers.the kids may hear your fights..."keep quiet,you are wrong,shit,shut up,watch your mouth,and every bad words towards the kids...the kids will be very scared in addition if the parent make it in shouting...this we call as "bad criminals to the kids"...and suddenly it becomes a trauma and tragic scene in their long life...perhaps we will not be like that!sometimes,the parent dont realize that their arguing makes the kids feel so sad...remember that children are natural mimics who act like their parents despite every effort to teach them good manners....so it is important to a parent to know well about marriage lesson until they will not hurt the kids feeling...what a parent for?if they can't protect and take care of their children....let save kids...before they get into trouble soon!!!

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